About Last Night

It was about last night;

When the stars were shining bright,

And the rippling lake winked at me,

As I sat under the shade of the bowerbirds’ delight.

A firefly came by;

Flashing emerald lights before my sight.

The darkness shone in rills of green,

As the little occult perched atop my knee upright.

The verdure earth encapsulated in a winged mystery,

Glittered into my eyes. 

Clothed in an incorrupted glow,

Dancing in a concealed ecstasy of incongruous might,

In gentle strokes of flight, it flew.

It was such a lovely time,

And now it’s gone;

But I don’t know why.

The morning has gulped down the nets of dark,

And I lament the loss of my most beautiful night;

My pathos concentrated into pools of water,

Where the firefly had its last dance in fanciful delight.


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