Award, Challenge & Tag Free Blog


Well, this post is long overdue!
Lately, I’ve been shrinking away from all the fine awards, and challenges that this kind blogosphere has been offering me.

No, no, I’m not lazy. (Okay! Just a bit.) But I’ve been really busy. Honest!
At this point, I feel genuinely overwhelmed, and extremely grateful for all your lovely encouraging words, kind comments, likes–everything. Thank you–to each and everyone of you–for stopping by, reading my posts–silly ramblings even, liking them, and what not.
To be honest, if it wouldn’t have been for this blogosphere, I’d have surely exploded–what with a turbulent, and loud mind which never shuts up!

It feels as if it was only yesterday, when I received my first award. Damn, I was on cloud nine! But unfortunately, now with the time-restraints, I’m unable to reciprocate the way I’d love to. Please know, that I appreciate the gesture from the bottom of my heart, though.

Same goes for challenges, and tags, as well.
But I always look forward to your valuable comments, your reactions to my posts–they are the awards I look for.

Once again, thank you–for thinking of me–for sticking by.


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