Cataclysmic Paradox

Walking swiftly

Drinking in the gloaming

She consumes the miles of hopelessness

Keeping time to an absurd jingle

Running through her head

Undeterred by tempests

Her gypsy heart

Consumes the feral fire, akin to nectar

A walk into the wild — stroll on the tame

Her vagrant soul

Glowing like white-hot embers; a blossom of fire

A peace lily in the river of darkness

A cataclysmic paradox

Feared, or loved?

(Someone told me very recently that people can only fear me, and not like me. That’s how I ended up writing this one.)


11 thoughts on “Cataclysmic Paradox”

      1. We’ve all got monsters… They’ve got too.
        Maybe they’re just afraid that your monsters will judge theirs… .-.
        But well, at least now you know who to invest in.
        Invest in those that love you. Not those that are afraid of you.
        May Allah bless you with the best kind of companions… Those that deserve you 🙂

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