Dear Mumma

The tears of joy
That washed your eyes
As you cradled me
For the very first time
All those nights
When you stayed up late
To make sure I soundly slept
The nights before my exams
Or the ones when I was ill
Those times
When you stood by me
As I shivered with loneliness
You cuddled me with love
As my muted cries
Echoed throughout the night
You are my strength
My Rock of Gibraltar
In your arms
Is where I find happiness
And that’s where lies peace


10 thoughts on “Dear Mumma”

    1. Mere words can’t describe what she means to me. I just wanted to thank her for everything and this was my way, ’cause I’m such an awkward turtle when it comes to expressing emotions. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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