A Desiderate (Micro-fiction) 

While ambling through the dusty roads during dusk, when the cantaloupe ribbon was struggling to restrain the approaching velvet darkness, she came into the old bookstore. It was a fragile moment. She had no idea what she was looking for exactly. As she meandered through the aisles from romance to fantasy, a mysterious light combed through the stacked shelves of books and washed her in a bluish-white kind of radiance. She wandered towards the source of light.

At last something caught her eye in the romance section. A hardbound golden coloured book with red engravings on its spine which read A Desiderate. The letters seemed to glow. It was quite unusual that the book was kept beside a battered version of Romeo and Juliet. She dug the book out and it felt right in her hands. She took it to the counter, paid for it and brought it home.

The gibbous moon hung over the crowns of the trees. That night, after a light dinner, she snuggled into her bed and under her blanket. The book felt warm in her hands. The red engravings on the cover let out a crimson brilliance. She opened the book and felt the pages. The touch sent a thrill through her spine and she spilled her cup of coffee which lay beside her on her bed–staining the freshly laid sheets of pink with café au lait spots. She ignored them. 

The leaflets let out a smell of freshly mown grass. Her gaze and mind–both were riveted. The words in the book called out to her; they glimmered. It was one of the most magical things she had ever read in her life. The world inside the pages seemed so real yet different. She was fascinated by the preternatural world which lay in front of her eyes. She ached to be a part of it–to live inside it.

Days later, the neighbours found her dead in her apartment. She had the most peaceful face with the broadest grin etched upon it. There were books and more books strewn around her apartment which were sold to sundry old book stores.


Months went by and he happened to be in the same old book store. He had no idea what he was looking for. He wandered through the aisles from romance to fantasy. He meandered through the store until a bluish-white light combed through the shelves to wash him in a pool of radiance.

Something caught his eye.


5 thoughts on “A Desiderate (Micro-fiction) ”

  1. I don’t know whether readaing this made me fall deeper in love with books, or thrust my heart a little. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole story and by the time I reached the end-it made me to contemplate over the mighty power of books.
    On a lighter note, it reminded me of the comment my mom made one day. The comment went something like this-“Stop reading this much, or else you will lose your eyesight by the time you grow old.”
    She loves me so much, I know. 😀

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