Another Shade of Love

Haven’t I been helpless like the sea–

With the vastness of azure beauty around me;

But not a drop of love to spare for the vault above–

For I’m blanketed by the overcast symphony of apprehension. 

You might think I hold fireflies in my first, 

As a token of my love;

But you don’t seem to realize the intensity of the stars twinkling in my eyes. 

Haven’t I been jealous enough of the midnight zephyr, 

Who caresses your long tresses of onyx charm–

For it is he,  and not I who flows past you, 

While I exhaust myself with sighs of longing. 

My heart is a fragile mess of chaos–

Who frantically bursts with pining cries, 

Only to be muffled by your eyes, 

Who are terrible flirts–

Mysterious and enticing: always reflecting the expressions of my desires. 


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