Paradise Of Flames (Updated Version)


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“Why? Why?”

Echoes the anguished cries of the hermit wolf

Who is left alone amidst the mountains of destruction 

To tend to his wounds; the healing isn’t linear

It wallows in despair–crumpling into a heap of debilated mass

The fiery holocaust has scorched its soul

And it writhes in the desolate landscape of pain

With a taut heart and shaky footsteps

It keeps pushing forward

But its bulging eyes squirm shut

As tears cascade down its contorted face

Helpless, it wanders in the biting cold–never stopping

The wind taunts its unyielding spirit

And jets of ice-cold showers mock the lone wolf’s lesions

As nature blows its clarion

All seem to chortle in mirth

The carrion crows perching atop the ashes

Sneer at the solitary wolf

Their bone-chilling, rancorous laughter

Echoes through the paradise of flames

But the vehement lamentation of the lone ranger 

Quells their hungry gaze

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