Airborne (Micro-fiction)

The sun was just disappearing on the horizon, and I knew the time was upon me to get back home. But I refused to look away from the darkening skies. The pebbled beach was overcast with shadows of the chilly high cliffs. The pall of tenebrousity brought up feelings that I didn’t want to deal with at the moment, and thus, I closed my eyes.

Maybe it was something to do with my emotions, or maybe my imagination was playing some good trick. I could almost hear a voice calling out to me in the gentle whispers of the wind. Unconsciously, I began to fly. I could hear the encouraging voice of the wind behind my closed lids; I could sense her bright smile.

I opened my eyes to find myself high above the rocky beach. Briefly, I heard the panicked cries of the people standing below.

I passed through the pillowy clouds, and heard the orotund calls from the passing passerines. Higher and higher I went into the diaphanous ether, until I was no longer bound to the earth. Gaseous stars, and strange planets of myriad mysterious colours surrounded me. I could hardly remember a time when I had been so amazed. The wind whispered my name and I smiled at her, satisfied.


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