Monsoon’s Sing-song

Tender night overflows at the brim;

Monsoon sings at its full-throated ease.

The moon is on her splendid throne,

Aboard the purple-stained clouds;

Her buoyant spirit, in the light-waving breeze.

Musk-roses filled with dewy wine,

Wink with beaded bubbles through the green.

Winged-thieves with lustrous eyes,

Pine for scented beauty from the forests dim.

Plaintive souls cease to be, fade away unseen–

Endowed with unbodied joy under a bower serene.


19 thoughts on “Monsoon’s Sing-song”

      1. Sirf Thank you
        Don’t be a such a miser being a poetess you can’t have such a small vocab . Say some part from “Thank you”
        I have enough thanks now need something else lol …just kidding …have a Great day you are wonderful writer .

        Liked by 1 person

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