Reflection (Micro-fiction)

Oh, there’s nothing to worry about, sir. It’s a fairly painless procedure. Our specialists have been doing it for decades now. You won’t feel a sting.

We offer specular, diffuse, and prismatic reflections. I think, you should go for the prismatic one–it’s quite a rage these days. It can work as your own personal make-up artist for your shows and it comes with sundry filters to choose from. 

No, sir. We will gently unstitch your old reflection, and collect it in a glass phial for biopsy purposes. You will be scrubbed clean of any scrap, so your new likeness doesn’t undergo any infection, or damage from the old debris.

Absolutely not, sir. We don’t offer the glue technique. The liquid stitch is quite harmful. What if your mirror image gets washed out in the rain, or in a pool? You wouldn’t want that, now. Would you?

I’m sorry, sir. No, not the zipper one either.


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