When the fleck of red beamed,
I knew it was time.
Inside the twilight’s glow,
A mourning breath of fire inveigled me;
She bid me come,
And I went into her claret depths–
The moon sailed into the nightfall,
Wrapped in its cobalt shadows,
Obstructing my beryl journey.
A lily flower whispered to me, close-by
In its amethyst sea of velvet;
Calling me towards her.
My footsteps echoed with excitement,
And deeper I went.
When the daisies pied,
And the pale stars rose,
Blooming over the lonely oaks,
Standing tall among lilacs and lavenders,
Bathed in the day’s rosebud warmth,
I found her.
My verdurous love, w
Anticipating my arrival;
Twinkling under the dew-drop beads,
As though I was right on time.
Running happily into her outstretched arms,
I leapt, where I was caught,
And caressed by her buttercup brushed fields.

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