Welcome To Wonderland!

Down you go tumbling into a rabbit hole,
A long way inside a curious hall,
With a locked door too small for you;
A drink, and a cake—to choose from, as it may please you.

The drink shall make you small,
While the cake shall make you tall.
The door is little, and the key too high above;
Sanity, and reason have no place here, my love!

You’ll meet animals with gibberish talk,
And a caterpillar who smokes rings hanging on a stalk.
Mushrooms here, can make you shrink smaller than ever;
Can even cause your neck to grow high into the trees like never.

Down the road, live the Hatter, and the Hare;
One lives in perpetual tea-time,
While the other hosts The Mad Tea Party
In the conquering hour!

Up a tree lives a grinning cat;
Cheshire is his name, oh-so-cunning, and smart!
Appears, and disappears at will;
Still makes you decipher the Wonderland’s logic with skill.

In a palace, lives a Queen—a bossy aficionado of red roses;
An ineffectual, milquetoast King, her worst of woes is.
A yard where she plays the game of Croquet,
With Flamingo mallets, and hedgehog balls—which you’ll never forget.

And, thus, you are cordially invited,
To this peculiar place at eccentricity’s command;
Where nonsense is your logic,
I welcome thee to the Wonderland!


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