To The Two Most Beautiful Ladies In My Life.

Mumma & Me
I would personally like to meet anyone who claims that there is nothing called ‘magic’ in this universe. Because, there is. Let us be real–things appear magically whenever our mums start looking for them. Only day before yesterday, when I had given up looking for, well, something–I went for my Mum helpline, and believe me, within seconds, it was staring right back at me in all its scarlet glory. (Whatever it was, let us keep that a secret, shall we? Thanks!)

Grandma (maternal) & Me
And, will someone please explain me what kind of mommy sorcery do they practise? Like, how do they get to know that we are upset just by looking at us? Or, that we are hiding something? I wonder which secret society are our beloved mommies a part of. Nonetheless, I am glad.

They never give up on us–no matter what.

This is dedicated to the two most lovely ladies in my life–Mumma, and Grandma. A huge shout out of ‘thank you’ to you beauties! Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo


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