Lost And Found (Micro-fiction)

The silver studded sky had lost two of its most beautiful stars that night. People wished upon the shooting stars; but little did they know that those sterling gemstones of the heaven had once entered the vast azure canopy with their own wishes only to be evicted by the fringes of the celestial bower. Lost, and wayward, the stars waited for their reunion; and they met, against the wishes, and to the disappointment of their onlookers. The evening was blue with a dust of fading crimson. The sun was drooping, with a blossoming crescent moon. The stars found each other in the shadows; and the night wrote its first poetry. They whispered that they weren’t afraid of the dark; and that’s how the most beautiful constellation was completed.


6 thoughts on “Lost And Found (Micro-fiction)”

  1. Some strong imagery here! I was just thinking that the stars could each have punny names, like Luna. Reminds me of my previous high school years during which I had to write dialogue that occurred between two sleeping bag zips. *cringes*

    Nonbinary Review is currently accepting submissions with issue themes based on books in the public domain (like Alice in Wonderland, Anne of the Green Gables, etc). I think your work would be a good fit there.

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    1. Sleeping bag zips? Wow. That needs some really adventurous imagination. Thank you, Tiegan. I’m glad you find my work interesting. Could you please throw some light on ‘Unbound Octave’?


      1. I would have to know what’s unclear to you.

        We start out with an open call for submissions, and choose one we like best. It can be any theme and any genre. That one submission is posted on the site, which then becomes the basis for the next call for submissions for Unbound Octavo. The second story has to relate to the first in some way. We pick the second story that fits with the first best, and then post that. That becomes a starting point for the third story.

        That goes on until we have eight stories to make an anthology.

        Does any of this answer your questions?

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      2. Yes, it most certainly did. Thank you so much, Tiegan.
        P.S. After failing to adhere to the guidelines twice, I finally sent in my entry for the ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ issue last night.
        P.P.S. Congratulations on making it to the editorial team! 🙂

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