Wild Moon Girl (Micro-fiction)

Under the gentle spotlights of stars, the wild moon girl wanders the vast expanse of moonbeam pasturelands. There, in the twinkling secrecy, she births soft bubble dreams. Once starched flat of her desires, she cries in anguish, and sheds her old skin. Every night, she seizes new dreams, and breathes new breaths. Her gypsy heart dances to the ineffable beauty of the rhapsodic sapphire night. Silver and blue, melt into one as if to say that–you can shine, too; no matter what.

4 thoughts on “Wild Moon Girl (Micro-fiction)”

    1. Haha, sure, go ahead and sketch it up then. I just thought of those cartoon strips, tbh; where the words are written inside bubbles. Nothing fancy in here–just my hyperactive imagination. 😂 But, thank you! ❤️


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