Wanderer, caught in the webs of insane love:

Strangled by loneliness;

Querying into lands, far and wide

With a glimmer of hope to find your beloved’s abode

In the distant mystique folds.

You meander through the verdant galaxies

Laughing, and crying;

Urging every passerby with a smile;

The hurt, and pain evident in your crystal eyes.

You seek the endless horizon;

The colours of rainbows where converge to stage ballet glissades.

With your beloved’s essence wrapped around your soul;

You carry yourself through the fiery sun;

Swaying to the susurrating lilt of the midnight zephyr–a relief to your scorched feet.

You look for her grace in the furtive moonlit landscape.

A burning hope to find your beloved in the pristine snow clouds.

But your journey ends;

In a palanquin of shade among the mourning doves, draped in a shroud.


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