What If? (Micro-fiction)

The moon is a swollen orb of liquid silver, and so are my eyes, but a myriad shades of molten green–emerald, jade, turquoise, sapphire.

The colours shift, and ripple like the ocean, illuminated by the moonbeams. Somewhere, in the night, an owl hoots–its music meanders to my ears.

All my life I have lived here. This has been my safe haven. This is my home.

All this while I have lived my life within the glass confinements of this house; the world outside a mystery to me. Though often I have pictured myself in it, but I have always been hemmed in by certain borders; and now I am afraid. I am afraid to step out.

What if I get lost, find myself helpless, and flop around unable to breathe?


9 thoughts on “What If? (Micro-fiction)”

  1. You have a lovely style of writing which really draws readers in. It’s a pleasure to stumble across something so beautiful and refreshing. Really nice blog and I must appreciate you for the choice of theme. It makes the reading experience all the more enhanced.

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