Won’t you, Maa?

Take me into your caring arms, just once again. Please, hold my fingers just once, and help me through the crossroads of life. Just once, caress your rainbow coloured scarf over my monochrome dreams, and enliven them, won’t you? Just once, kiss  away the sweat and grime spewed by the vicissitudes of life. Won’t you, Maa?

Life keeps trying me; looks at me with reproach; disproves of me vehemently. It reminds me of you, and your gentle rebukes. You brought me up like a blossom, but the petals are broken now. Why isn’t the world like you? Won’t you scold it for me? My heart is bare, and my soul is ripped.

I feel tired. Won’t you place your cool palms over my feverish head, and sing me a lullaby, just once again? After an exerting day, no one bugs me over why I missed my lunch, or why am I late. Let my tears complain into the savoury folds of your scented saree. Hide me, enfold me within the velveteen bliss of your love, just once. Your gem is losing her sparkle. The world doesn’t look at me, like you do. Call me back into the warmth of your lap. Won’t you, Maa?

(Inspired by the song “Aisa kyun maa” from the movie Neerja.)

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