Sometimes you are lapis, at other times, you are rose tinted gold. Adorned with the cumulus marshmallows of clouds, you waft into the dreams of millions of pining lovers.

Your pearly sheen encapsulates the hearts of vagrant souls all around. You are an inspiration, a faucet which sets open the chimeral flow of thoughts into streams of tantalising desires, unfathomable.


Ethereal aureate drops transcending from your bosom awash the lakes in a golden aura; a rippling amber fantasy, unattainable.


Even the grey of your eye washes the earth with mizzling moods. Your monochrome tears give rise to rainbow dreams, rekindling the flower of hope in the desert of desolation.


Many coloured, you are; desired by my stardust eyes. Your gauzy shades of placidity, ethereal.


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