Unguarded (Micro-fiction)

Copious ribbony curls of vapour, twisted and turned. The dripping foggy plumes obscured the passionate vastness of the landscape. An unplanned spill of scarlet, magnified and unraveled the enormous space–which crashed upon me.

Pale tree trunks, and obsidian leaves, hung exposed–their vulnerability highlighted. Darkness billowed its sable cloak; a hint of mystery, tinged with suspicion.

The leaping river echoed the last remnants of light; polka dotted through the leaves, each added new angles and colours to other.

Life leaped in my pulse; a frozen heart plummeted, and up it twirled with the water racing by.

Fancy wrought-iron gates hung like lace between the banks, guarding my vagrant heart with feelings so exquisite, and desires so painful; but the wind undid them, and away they went wheeling about.

The rusty green landscape, creaked in the wind; bathed in the mystery of the moonbeams–the last blue crescent, glowing delicately between the pincers of night.

The atmosphere shivered in its camouflage of intense solitude; something so intricately knit that couldn’t be easily identified, but when experienced, was monumental.

The emptiness stood eager to claim an unguarded heart.


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