Realisations (Micro-fiction)

As I embarked into the stellar night’s calm, surrounded by a velveteen bliss, it found me, not I it. 

Rippling, I reached my destination, following onyx paths. Taking an armful of ivory tears of the moonbeams, I tasted the saline sea upon my lips–gossamer moments of porcelain dreams. A celestial volatility, so aroused, by the caramel ether.

I unraveled into heaps of myself; poured myself into this tragically beautiful night, as bright as the stars.

Amidst the dotted graveyard of mystical lights, life flashed before my eyes. Wraiths of my past failures and frustrations shimmered before me; packed with burning lights, which actually laid the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living, I now enjoy.

Waist deep in the night sky, I thus realised, life is lived forwards, but understood, only backwards.


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