Hindi Font

आँसुओं में वह नमी कहाँ
जो दिल को पिघला सके
वह तो मेरे नसों की स्याही में है
जो रूह को भी झकझोर के रख दे

English Font

Aansuoon mein woh nami kahaan
Jo dil ko pighla sake
Woh toh mere nason ki syahi mein hai
Jo ruh ko bhi jhakjhor ke rakh de

English Translation

Where’s the moisture, in the tears that cascade down
Beseem not, to melt the stone-cladded heart
It’s but in the ink flowing through my veins
Which can shake the soul awake; tear its armour apart


21 thoughts on “स्याही”

    1. Thank you, Hiba. Though, tbh, this is my second attempt at Hindi poetry. I’m glad, you liked it. You’re amaze balls at English poetry, trust me. I was completely blown away by your posts, especially “The Poet”. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh really?
        I’m good?
        Haha I always compare my self to others and belittle my own poetry, but thanks for that. It means a lot.
        Btw if this is just your second attempt, you’re already doing it like a pro! 😎

        Liked by 1 person

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