Palatial Night

Palatial night

Illumining the caliginous air

Flaunting its magnolious coruscating draperies

Spangled with celestial orbs

Like a picturesque kaleidoscope

After a perfervid cascade of stardust

With the vagrant pole star

Being the apple of the firmament’s eye

Illuminating our lives

With its steady radiance


6 thoughts on “Palatial Night”

  1. I have never seen so many big words in a poem.

    These lines in particular are great lines:

    “Illuminating our lives

    With its steady radiance.”

    I would just recommend being aware of the words you use. But nonetheless, keep those poems coming! 🙂

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    1. Actually, whenever I come across a new word or an archaic word that I like while reading my History of English Literature books, I note them down. Later on, I try to incorporate those words in my posts, here. It kind of helps me to sharpen my vocabulary. Thank you for reading so deeply. 🙂

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