Belated Birthday Present!


500 followers? Really? I hope, I’m not seeing things. Thank you so much guys for stopping by, reading my posts, liking them. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I feel enormously overwhelmed with love!

I started this blog to journal my thoughts, back in July 2014. But, to be honest, there was so much going on in my life that I had stopped posting after 12 or 13 posts.

I came back to the blogosphere almost after a year. I was so sick and frustrated with my real life that I came to find solace here, and I did.

The peace I find when I pour my heart out on this white screen, it’s indescribable.

I’ve met some really nice people through this platform, who’ve inspired me, who’ve tried to reach out to me and I’m truly thankful to them! I wouldn’t go about mentioning them in public, and end up embarrassing them. But, thank you so much! Thanks to each and everyone of you!

I shall continue to pour my heart out here like cascades of living water and I hope to find love, peace and happiness through this amazing world of blogging.


27 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Present!”

  1. You are an amazing human being more than a writer. I see you have a better transformation in recent days. May u be blessed with enormous happiness and success. And yeah do continue to write . I love your posts very much

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