Happy Blossoms

Live your life
Like a bursting flame
And not like a flickering candle
Subdued by the crippling afflictions
That the world offers
Dwell not in the past
Worry not about the future
Life is a crazy ride
Where nothing is guaranteed
And no one knows
What is going to happen for sure
Life is a mighty oak
With branches bare and naked
Grace it with dreams and deeds
The ornamental leaves
Listen to the echoes
Lost inside your heads
Those happy blossoms
Long forgotten

(Last night, I was talking to a friend of mine and she was really depressed for a variety of reasons. I could feel her frustration. I could feel her turbulent thoughts. I don’t know if I’m making sense. She just kept talking and I was just listening to her. I didn’t have any words of advice for her, but I suggested her to start writing. In fact, I asked her to start a blog because I’ve seen a lot of people finding solace through blogging. I really wish that I could do something for her. But, all I could do was pen down a few words after that long chat.)

20 thoughts on “Happy Blossoms”

  1. You did wonderful job .

    What poem can do in few words no lecture on wisdom will help.

    Its peace for both of you.

    Your friend can understand this poem.

    You will be happy that you performed your duties as a friend.

    और कविता भी दर्ज हो गयी for generation to come and witness your thoughts for ever.

    Great job done एक तीर से दो नहीं कई निशाने।।

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  2. Great advice … 🙂 even I t
    Suggested one of my friend to do the same 🙂 because writing helps to bring everything out of your and mind 🙂 the peace that you find after it is undescribable 🙂

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