(Image source: favim)

Tonight the stars refuse to shine
My yearning eyes, pits of black
Tired and hollow
Long to see the orb divine

Tonight the moon hides behind the clouds
Crossed, deformed and sullied
There is a hush of pain and mirth
No voice in nature has heart to speak aloud

Tonight my blood runs cold in my veins
Silence refuses to envelope me in its arms
My pen refuses to sing me lullabies
And I’m too tired to fall asleep


20 thoughts on “Tonight”

      1. I was just going through your posts to fish it out.
        Okay, wow. Maybe, I should start doing a bit of research before I post something. It was spurned from a place very personal to me in my melancholic phase. And if you have noticed most of my posts are melancholic. For someone like me, who has fortresses all around her, pen, paper and solitude and not to forget the night sky are the only ones I find solace with. Hence, most of my poetries are inspired from them. This piece is a stinging testimony, a reminder for me that no matter what, one has to fight his/her battles alone. Without anyone’s help. Thanks for sharing the link.


      2. I was upfront when you shared a poem that was similar to someone’s else. Remember? I’ll be upfront even now. I do understand that there are thousands of people who are into the same mood as we are, but that’s the thing about poetry and words, a single word can be described into many meaning and so do the moods; I believe that two poems by different writers can have same words and same meaning, but never same verses. They will mean the same, but they’ll mold it differently and if we take a rare possibility, few lines can be same, but not the entire poem. I respect your feelings, but this is my opinion on it.
        To be honest, I’ve read few more of your posts and found few lines exactly same. I don’t have time to quote them as you know. It gives me an eerie feeling and puts me in doubt as well.
        I don’t mean to sound rude, but I couldn’t hold it back.
        Take care. Keep writing.


      3. Sorry, Kritika. But I don’t think the “entire” poem is same as you put it. And you find my posts similar to yours? If I write something inspired by someone else’s work or even from a quote, I make sure to mention it. I’d like to know what do you mean by “puts me in doubt”. If you please?


      4. Jeez, relax. That’s the very reason I said puts me in doubt and not directly blamed you. A doubt can be right or wrong. This happened with few bloggers too, perhaps this time I thought maybe I should be vocal about it. I told you what I believe in. Maybe we are soul mates?
        I’ll surely let you know. But I don’t have time to find it out. Oh, it’s not a poem, though. Believe me when you’ll know you will be frightened.
        Goodnight. No hard feelings.


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