A Phantasm Of Hope


(Image source: favim)

Even the biggest
The brightest
The fullest moon
Is merely
An illusion, albeit
A persistent one
A scraggly framework
Of a phantasm of hope, hidden
A myriad of mysteries
As the light shifts

(Not all those who smile are happy.)

5 thoughts on “A Phantasm Of Hope”

  1. Sometimes one can forget themselves being not really happy if s/he is persistent with fake smiles. I wonder sometimes-“Am I happy or am I just smiling? Does this mean smiling can make you forget all the gloom or I am just plain idiot who can easily fool himself into thinking ‘All good. No worries.’?”


    1. That’s not real happiness. You can fool others but you can never lie to yourself. A part of you will keep reminding you of your despair, the reason of your despair. Plastering a fake smile won’t kill that away.

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