Today, I came across a poem titled “Walls”, written by Mo of Open window thoughts. And I was appalled for a moment. No, it was beautiful, of course! But, how is it possible that someone wrote something SO similar to what I had written months back? I swear ever since I read that poem, I’ve been searching for mine. ( I tend to be very dis-organized at times.) And, hallelujah! I found it! 😀

I tore down my walls for you
Working furiously and laboriously
Night after night
Brick after brick
Sweat covering my brow
Blood splattered across my face
I licked the pain,
For I believed it will make me stronger
Dragging myself
Through the rubble
I brought down the walls,
I had built, tenaciously
Through the years
Now, all that remained
Were raw emotions
Trust and devotion
You came
You saw
You stayed a while
Without sparing a second glance
You kicked aside the stones and walked away
Leaving me teary-eyed
With my hands
Now, all bloody, bruised and calloused
I build up walls
Stronger than ever

Though I think that hers is better, I just wanted to post mine. I couldn’t leave it to attract dust or get lost along with many others.


14 thoughts on “Walls”

  1. Wow that’s definitely strange… Reminds me of a train journey I had recently where the girl I was talking to told me about this villain in a book that sounded far too similar to one I had spent forever imagining up… It’s a strangely upsetting feeling knowing your hard work has been done before :’) beautifully written poem btw


  2. Hi,
    Wow! First, I would like to thank you for the recognition and kind comments on my poem. The piece was born of a very fresh, tender wound that could only be described in metaphor. The real story, perhaps in my mind, seemed too petty. Still I sit here, heartbroken but with a way to fully realize that heartache in Walls. Second, you can imagine how eerily coincidental is was to see a poem so similar to mine (down to the cadence and vocabulary) appear in my notifications today. I think you poem is painful and lovely, and most of all spurned from a place so personal to you. Although painful, this trope of “tearing down your walls” is not uncommon, especially for creative types like ourselves. We keep secrets and hide our souls to preserve a sort of artistic mystery. We build fortresses to protect our heart and when we are scorned, we turn to writing to make sense of the heartache. Rather than seeing our poems as rivals or knock-offs, I see them as a series of stinging testaments to this trope of “guarded” love.
    -Mo from Open Window Thoughts

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