The Tunes of Life


Music has the power
To help, to heal
It indeed is amazing
How certain notes can make us feel

Music touches our lives
In ways we can’t help, but smile
We are free to choose
Any genre and style

Melodies and symphonies
That we adore
Which bring us pleasure, immense
As our spirits soar


23 thoughts on “The Tunes of Life”

  1. I love how you expressed the diverse effects of music; I feel similarly. And the bird image tied in with the music notes is so artistic and pretty. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, i do, Soumya. It’s how I feel about music, too. And I can see why you particularly like that picture. It’s beautifully done, and I was immediately drawn to it. πŸ™‚

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      2. Thank you for letting me know, Soumya. It puzzles me though how that message gets posted, when I haven’t done anything different. I certainly HAVEN’T deleted it or clicked on anything to delete it. And i have come across that message on OTHER blogger’s sites, and yet I can access their pages via other links. It makes no sense. I think I will have to ask wordpress to help me with this, as no one seems to have an answer for it.


      3. Thank you, Soumya. I hope so, too. I sent my help message out on the community forum, as it was suggested. I’d like to know what causes that to happen. Especially if I’m not doing anything different, and suddenly people can’t find me. So weird.

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