A big thank you!

Wow. THANK YOU! I mean, 33 followers? Totally unexpected. 😀 I started this blog 10 days ago. Woah! A big thank you! For stopping by, reading my posts and yeah. 😛

I’ve been writing stuffs for quite some time now. But I’ve never shown ’em to anyone except for some really close friends. So many unruly thoughts and emotions, and you have no idea what to do with them. They just keep intensifying within you; gnawing at you and reducing you to a pulp. I lacked the confidence. Hmm.

Writing’s healthy. My soul sister, Pratty told me once, “Writing’s a therapy. A hostile one.”
So anyway, to be honest, my friends’ support got me here and the feedback here…is overwhelming.

So thank you once again! 😀

Much love,



3 thoughts on “A big thank you!”

  1. Hello there, I noticed you’ve been gone a long while. Just know, if you ever plan on coming back, there’s someone just waiting to read your stuff. 🙂


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